How does it work?2019-04-13T15:14:05+00:00

If you want Season Enders to take the hassle out of organising your next footy or sporting group trip, all you have to do is fill out our contact form and we’ll give you a call back. From there, we’ll manage getting you and your group to your chosen destination; we’ll book your flights, accommodation and our footy trip and sports trip experts will help you plan your travel itinerary on where to go and what to do.

Who books the trip?2019-04-13T15:14:42+00:00

We do! Once your nominated sporting club representative has briefed us, we will do all the booking for you!

Does a Season Enders rep attend the trip?2019-04-13T15:15:23+00:00

No. Lucky for you, we are able to manage the trip remotely so we won’t be there to cramp your style.

Do you book activities on our team’s behalf?2019-04-13T15:15:54+00:00

We’re in the know of what to do and where to go across all of our destinations. While we don’t book activities on your behalf, we can provide solid, ‘tried-it-ourselves’, recommendations.

How much does it cost?2019-04-13T15:16:31+00:00

Once we’ve spoken with you and gotten a good idea about the type of trip you and your team are looking for, we will send you a comprehensive breakdown of the trips cost, including our fee.